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Ep 5: Krista DeGeest – Professional Volleyball Player by Know Better Live Best

Kari Ginger discusses nutrition, athletics and life lessons with Professional Volleyball Player, Krista DeGeest

Krista DeGeest is an All-American volleyball player from the University of Northern Iowa who has gone on to play professionally since graduating in 2013 with a marketing and management degree. She has competed in the Swedish, Romanian, and German leagues over her past 5 years as a professional athlete and will return to Germany at the end of August for her 6th season. During her summer months in the USA, Krista runs her own multi-aged volleyball camps for various high schools in the Midwest and conducts private lessons for local players. It is her mission to share her passion for the sport through her enthusiasm and drive, both on and off the court. She loves to travel and explore and strives to live each day to its fullest, with a smile on her face.

Ep 4: Cultivating Food Literacy in Children with Raintree School by Know Better Live Best

Kari sits down with chefs Katie Brown and Andrea Hediger at Raintree School.

Katie Brown was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She cooked in a variety of restaurants and food-focused non-profit organizations for 8 years and studied Nutrition and Dietetics at St. Louis University before becoming head chef at Raintree School. She has been at Raintree for five years. While feeding students scratchmade lunches, she hopes to also foster in them a passion for food, where it comes from, and ways to enjoy it. When not in the kitchen she loves yoga, painting, gardening, and traveling.

Andrea Hediger’s love for cooking orignated from spending time in her grandmother’s kitchen at a young age. It was there where she learned the basics of cooking. To further her knowledge, she moved from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to Seattle, Washington and studied Nutrition and Culinary Arts at Bastyr University. While in the Pacific Northwest, she gained experiences in various kitchen settings and organic gardens. One year ago she became sous chef at Raintree where she gets to practice her passion by feeding young eaters. Her favorite thing about her job is witnessing the excitement that the children have about food.

Ep 3: Chase’n the Dream at QCAA with Chase Hollmer

Kari sits down with Chase Hollmer from the Quad City Athlete Acadamy.

Chase is originally from Iowa where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Movement and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa. He later moved to Tampa, Florida where he completed his Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science from the University of Tampa. While pursuing his graduate degree , Chase also worked in UT’s Human Performance Lab, one of the top human performance labs in the country. Since his time in Tampa he has worked with multiple professional teams and athletes including those in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and UFC. Chase’s experience also extends working with numerous fitness professionals and bodybuilders on their individual training, nutrition, and supplementation needs.
Chase is currently the owner and head coach of the Quad City Athlete Academy. Athletes that have worked under Coach Hollmer have received Div. 1 scholarships to every Power 5 conference.

Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)
Certified USA Weight Lifting Sports Performance Coach

Ep 2: The Mindset for Living Best with Alex Uding

Alex Uding, owner of Advancing Athletics, LLC talks health literacy and how mindset influences health, nutrition, and fitness. Listen in for tips on improving mindset, setting your mind and body up for success, and when to ask for help.

About Alex Uding:

Alex works with healthy and injured individuals alike, across the lifespan. She has special interest in orthopedic and sports rehab, women’s health, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and development of the female athlete. She is passionate about bridging the gap between rehabilitation and optimizing performance to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness through compassionate, person-centered care.

Alex loves to run, hike, and travel – visiting every national park is on the bucket list! She enjoys exploring new places, culture, food, music, and people. She is Chicago born and raised, but has lived all over the country. She loves hearing people’s story and what makes them tick.

Alex has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, is Precision Nutrition Certified, and is a Strength and Performance Coach. She works as a Physical Therapist and Performance Coach at Momentum Physical Therapy in Milford, MA.

Ep 1: Transparency & the U.S. Food System with Bytable Foods

Kari sits down with Brett and Jacy, the cofounders of Bytable Foods, a food technology startup creating traceable and transparent food supply chains.

Tune in for shocking facts about the American food system, how blockchain and IoT can be used to create a better food system, and why the cofounders started their journey.

Jacy Rittmer, CEO and cofounder of Bytable Foods, grew up on a farm in rural Iowa, rarely ate food that wasn’t straight from their family garden or from neighboring farmers. A self-taught coder with a background in biology, design, and marketing, she can switch from talking tech to talking tomatoes at the drop of a hat. 

Brett Dugan, CTO and cofounder of Bytable Foods, is an engineer by trade and a foodie at heart. His journey in health and nutrition belongs in a thriller novel, and has led him to use his experience in blockchain and AgTech to create groundbreaking technologies for Bytable Foods.

Brett and Jacy are passionate about using technology to enable responsible and sustainable food producers to take a larger part in the food system. As advocates for complete transparency in food, they believe everyone should be given the opportunity to experience great food – without worrying about where it came from.

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